Product owner at KINTO Join (by Toyota)

Product Owner is a generalist (digital) role, and person performing it needs to have following attributes / abilities:

  • Possession of credibility – created by previous experiences / achievements in a particular field
  • Ability to understand people he is working with, their knowledge/technology, nature, working styles, goals
  • Ability to understand organisation he is working within, it’s vision, mission and goals
  • Ability to understand the product he is working on
  • To have a product vision and estimation of how will execution of that vision affect product and organisation KPI’s
  • Ability to communicate that vision to the team and stakeholders he is working with
  • Ability to measure results of execution of that vision and to optimise it in accordance to the goals of the product and the organisation
  • Having a passion for this process helps a lot 🙂

Product discovery, definition and development process:

Ideation & research

Team brainstorm sessions

Low fidelity solutions propositions

High fidelity solution definition



Release / launch

KINTO Join is a clean-tech shared-mobility solution/app that helps its users have a better commute experience.

The goal of KINTO Join is to be the first option that comes to a person’s mind when he/she is planning commute to work and back from it. 

Usage of KINTO Join reduces traffic and parking congestions, CO2, and NoX emission, and provides more social and environment savvy way to commute.